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Synthetic biology platforms for the development of new and sustainable biotechnological processes

  • Plug&play modules for the functional and comparative expression of single and clustered genes in different bacterial hosts with unique physiological properties
  • Production of microbial and plant secondary metabolites of biotechnological and biomedical relevance
  • Photosynthetic bacteria as innovative platform organisms for the expression and assembly of ‘difficult-to-express’ proteins
  • Artificial cellular compartments for nanobiotechnological approaches


Molecular tools for the control and analysis of biological processes

  • Cofactor-dependent fluorescent proteins for quantitative in vivo analyses of molecular processes in aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • Fluorescent protein-based biosensors for online monitoring of cellular and environmental factors with high spatio-temporal resolution
  • Photosensitizers for the specific inactivation of proteins and cells by light
  • Optogentic switches for light-mediated control of gene expression in bacteria

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